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5-axis CNC tool grinder, developed for special tools

SNSTC 2022-03-16

Giveal-mk003-n3 is a 5-axis CNC tool grinder with Swiss NUMROTO software, which is for professional users Model N3 for the full processing of large diameter solid carbide tools has been highly praised by customers since its launch.

The grinder has a large power spindle, which can easy to deal with the efficient flute processing of cutting tool with diameter over 20mm. It also has several optional functions such as grinding wheel changer (can be carried up to 8 wheel packs), automatic loading and unloading of the tools, On-line Visual Inspection,automatic wheel calibration and dressing unit, etc. The machining accuracy of its small diameter ball cutting tool is comparable to the well-known similar imported equipment. It can also meet of various mainstream customers in high efficiency and high precision full processing of large diameter special tools, high efficiency and specular full processing of large length-diameter ratio solid carbide cutting tools and precision edge shape with specular processing of medium and small diameter contour shaped cutting tool. The grinder has been very popular among customers.

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